AuthorTopic: soffit roofing vents or whatever they are called.  (Read 57 times)

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soffit roofing vents or whatever they are called.
« on: December 09, 2009, 11:35:48 AM »
  I am adding on to my garage, just a small room 14x16, it will be my powder coating room where the oven will sit and also my welding and metal work room.  The rest of my garage has Racedeck tiles and they melt when weld slag hits them :) so this section will be plain concrete.   Because it gets so cold in S. Calif.  (it was 31 this morning at 7AM when I went to work) the room will be insulated and then drywalled for fire proofing, I may even use steel walls, I am worried about grinding and welding sparks, drywall should work for this however.  This is a small roof attached to the existing garage, think lean-to although the roof only has a 2 in 12 slope.

 Ok, so between the roof rafters is a 2x4 on the outside wall that on my main garage have holes with a screen in them for ventilation, I think they are called soffit vents, I am told that is needed to prevent mold/mildew once I close up the ceiling with drywall and insulation, makes no sense to me but since i see them on every house everywhere, ok I will do it.  How come the walls don't need some type of ventilation holes in the top place or elsewhere if the roof does ?  I assume I need vent holes in each 2x4 between rafters since each space will be sealed up.  Since this is a lean to type of roof, there will be no ridge vent, just soffit or under-the-eaves vents, what air goes in will also have to come out those same holes, I am not punching a bunch of holes for vents in my roof.

 The garage is not AC'd but it is heated in the winter.  My garage build is nearing the end  :chainweird:  :Danceparty: It was actually signed off by the city back in Feb. but the rest of the year was spent making the wife happy with work on the house, its not a fixer upper house anymore.   With this little addition to the garage, I will get to spend my Christmas holiday organizing the garage and building shelves and getting it ready for car work, this car guy has not spun a wrench in well over a year and I am looking forward to some restoration work.  Ever notice how similar "restoration" is to "relaxation", I am looking forward to starting off the new year well relaxed, once I drill a bunch of soffit vent holes and get the sheetrock up.

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Re: soffit roofing vents or whatever they are called.
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2010, 07:08:20 AM »
I'm not sure what you are asking but it sounds like you will need more ventilation especially if you are welding and powder coating. I know you don't want to put holes in your roof but you need somewhere for the air to go that comes in the soffit vents.I guess you could put louvered vents in your wall. Do you have any pictures?
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