Rodeo "Y" pipe --

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Rodeo "Y" pipe --
« on: May 22, 2015, 09:59:41 PM »
It's a simple enough job in most cases, but when a car is over 20 years old and still has the original "Y" pipe, then there are difficulties. Boy are there difficulties -- LOL

The "Y" pipe finally rotted at the center flex section and I had to replace it. Problem is that the original "Y" pipe for the manual trans version is no longer available and I had to take the "Y" for an automatic trans model.

No problem -- I can modify as needed, but getting the old one out is a pain. In these cases, I'm glad I have a O/A torch set, but that only goes so far. The right side "Y" pipe flange is sitting next to to the fuel lines and I wasn't about to use an O/A/ set there. As "luck" would have it, the studs on that flange were totally rust and they had to be busted loose with an air hammer.

This is all the equipment and tools it took to take that damn pipe out.

Unfortunately for me the last two flange studs broke and they had to be drilled out. Funny thing about exhaust flange studs is that as they age and with all the heat cycles, they harden to a tool steel consistency.

The only way to drill them is with Cobalt drill bits -- thank God I had a few in the tool kit. The old HF angle drill was just right to get into that close space.

The Cobalt drills did their job -- within two hours I was back with two very nicely drilled out flange studs. To get the rest of the brackets and nuts off, I used the only heavy duty air hammer that really was worth a damn back in the day -- the CP714. When cutting bolts and nuts with a chisel, this is the only way to go in my view.

I dressed up the remaining flanges and prepped the new "Y" pipe for modifying. For the mod I cut off the "Y" pipe flange and bought a 10" long 2"Dia exhaust pipe from Advance auto.

The flange was fitted to the extra 2"dia pipe extension and welded in place. Then the entire system was mocked in place and the new extension was marked for trimming

The pipe was trimmed and tacked in place. Then the whole thing was removed and finish welded off the car.

Finally I installed it for the last time with new gaskets and a new hanger bracket.

Done -- -- two days worth of work for just one lousy "Y" pipe.  frustratedx

Tomorrow I'll install a new O2 sensor and be done with this damn job. I really hate exhaust work.  beerdude