Memorial day

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Memorial day
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:59:54 AM »
For so many American they get a day off work and get to drink beer and stuff there face with burgers and hot dogs, or the rich folks might have steak. I ask that you do SOMETHING to honor the servicemen and women who DIED giving you the day off work today. Freedom is not free and every day men and women have written a blank check to our nation for payment up to and including there LIFE, for your freedom. this is the day the we honor the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Veterans day is for anyone willing to give their lives, memorial day is for thoughts whom the government cashed that check.

when they bury a fallen warrior, they present the present the folded flag to the widow or family and say " on behalf of a grateful nation" it is YOUR turn to be grateful.
Get off your FAT ASS and do something in their honor, teach your children or grand children to honor them.

at least say a prayer for the family's that have lost someone. you can say a prayer even if you are an atheist it doesn't mater, just say "God please bring solace and piece to our fallen warriors family's" 

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