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Author Topic: 1973 Ford F-100 Ranger  (Read 21 times)

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1973 Ford F-100 Ranger
« on: July 24, 2010, 06:25:22 AM »
I'd been looking on and off for an older Ford F-100 for a couple years now.  I wanted one with an auto trans, and with a long bed.  Saw a lot of crap out there, lots of rusted out hulks or trucks that were beat to hell that their owners thought were worth their weight in gold.  I would just laugh and keep looking.  Then I came across this one a couple of weeks ago...

For whatever reason, the rear bumper was replaced back in the early 1980s. 

302 V8

The worst spot on the body...some scratches from years back on the passenger door.

The steering wheel isn't original, and some of the dash trim needs replacement.

I struck a deal with the owner last weekend, and went to pick it up this morning.  There's an issue with the carburetor, that makes it stall out.  If it wasn't far away, I would've drove it home, but it was over ninety minutes away from my house, so I had a friend help me go get it.

Bed, in incredibly good shape.

A deviation from stock.  This little fella will eventually come off and find somewhere else to sit.   ;D

This has been a two owner, one family truck.  Father and son owner.  The father had these manuals, and I also had a Chilton manual, so I think I'm covered quite well. 

Overall, the truck is in incredibly good shape, with a few mechanical issues, but nothing that appears to be too serious.  I was told it had never been in an accident and I believe it.  The doors and tailgate close like new.  A little over 100K original miles, and always well cared for.  One repaint since new.  I never expected to find one in this shape.  As for the price, I'll just say much less than what I would expect to pay for a vehicle in this condition.   ;)

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Re: 1973 Ford F-100 Ranger

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Re: 1973 Ford F-100 Ranger
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2010, 12:58:12 PM »
They are out there. The hard part is waiting to find one!
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