Sun Performance Engine Analyzer

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Sun Performance Engine Analyzer
« on: September 22, 2009, 10:20:02 AM »
This is usually what these things look like when I pick them up from old garages and shops. They are not in great shape and usually full of vermin and other "crawley things".

From the outside they all look in "Fair" condition -- BUT....

.....once the modules are inspected, the damage is usually caused by rodents -- as seen in these pics of the O-Scope, the emissions module and the Tach/Dwell module. These are the things that have to be cleaned, repaired and painted.

O-Scope damage -- mouse nest rotted the base, and the critters chewed the wires and circuits to shreds  -- Wow!!

Emssions Module -- another mouse nest rotted the base and again the circuits were knawed to bits --

After a week of chasing down and fixing wires and circuits, the cosmetics are taken care of, and the module comes to life again

Tach/Dwell Unit -- same problem

Very complex design and many more circuits in this unit -- these can take a few weeks to fix; with lots of help from electronics experts on internet forums

Finally; after a few months you get to a finished project --

Cabinets are cleaned up and painted

Analyzer modules tested, and the rack unit is painted to match the cabinet

This one took two months --