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Author Topic: Refurbishing a Marquette Redi-Fast Battery Charger --- Finished!  (Read 21203 times)

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September 23, 2016, 05:46:34 PM
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I too have a Marquette charger. The timer doesn't work on mind. Anyone have a picture of the inside of the timer or know of a compatible timer device that can be used?  I have not yet opened mine up to see if it is a simple matter of power to the motor inside the timer's clock, so a picture of what it should look like would help.

I see a mention of uploading a wiring diagram but I don't see it.  Not sure if I need to do something more to see it?

This post inspires me to have mine repainted, and make it dirty afterward.

I'm open to suggestions for what to do to make up a green bulb cover for after I make the bulb work again.  Really I have no problem using it as is, with less than perfect wires and no timer.


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